Custom Builds


So you have been dreaming of your........ well dream bike and this is the chance to realise it. 

From a custom single speeder, a long travel downhill monster, a gram counting road racer or that bike from your childhood that you never got to own.

I can help you realise it, you can supply the build or create the wish list or some where in-between and I will does much as I can to weave it into reality.

Pieces of a Jigsaw


It's all very personal so make it everything you want it to be, if it's a mile munching road bike with flat handlebars because you just can get on with drops.


Maybe you want or have found that elusive ride that always tempted you. I can help you source the frame, forks or anything you want to hang on it. 


Even if it's that you just need your bike to be as sparkly and as individual as you, get in contact and make it a reality.